Ridhi and Vidur Arora take us on a personal tour of their sprawling decor boutique, Intersekt

Radhika Sen / May 15, 2018

A walking tour across the 30,000 sq ft showroom of Intersekt is the only way to experience their curated collections from luxury brands like Porcelanosa, Sicis and Villeroy and Boch, while mentally ‘adding to cart’. The co-founders of the decor boutique, Ridhi and Vidur Arora, give us a glimpse of the process and some of their fondest memories:

Marmo Home Party Ridhi Vidhur Arora Intersekt

The beginning: “At India Design ID 2017, Marmo Home launched INTERSEKT with an aim to fashion interior spaces— translate client needs into reality—using our parent company’s 85-year legacy.”

Favourite memory: “Our experience at the launch— from the preparation that went in to putting the plans together, to the set-up, breakdown and everything else in-between, during the five-day event.”

Biggest achievement: “The digital impact we’ve made in a short span.”

Boosting creativity: “Feedback from clients is one way. Meeting people from different backgrounds and with different experiences daily and hearing their visions and ideas for spaces always pushes our imagination.”

Plan for 2018: “Travelling more to scout interesting products from across the world and providing them to our existing and expanding client base.”

New venture: “In addition to our floor and wall tiles, wallpapers, bath and wellness products, and plumbing materials, we’re looking to make a foray into verticals that’ll include other home decor and building materials.”

Tackling professional challenges: “By keeping an open mind, a broad perspective and a flexible attitude.”

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