Inside Vibhor Sogani’s surreal studio in New Delhi

Vibhor Sogani / January 27, 2017

My two storey studio and office in New Delhi is a concept space; what one sees here are ideas scaled to a degree. The objective is to leave clients and architects awestruck with our artistry, so they can connect with our work and visualise it in their own spaces.

The challenge of setting up wasn’t just planning the interiors, but also figuring out the display. This interplay made the designing process quite exciting. I used materials like stone, metal and wood to create the architecture. I wanted an open shell zone that could accommodate various installations in an isolated but dignified manner. Since all pieces are unique, it was crucial that each was displayed independently, without being distracted or disturbed by the neighbouring creations.

This place also has a flexible display system – at any point I can re-organise the divisions, flooring and lighting. I have also exhibited works on the floor, made in stone, steel and brass. These too are representative of what can possibly be done if enlarged or reformatted.

Photographs courtesy Shailan Parker

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