In conversation with Amit Vadehra

Radhika Sen / November 23, 2017

The director of Tarun Vadehra Interiors and Manager of Timothy Oulton in New Delhi shares the interior trends to look out for in 2018.

What are the furniture and design trends to look out for in 2018?

Next year will bring a burst of colours in earthy tones and pastel shades. Conversation-starter pieces in accent tones like black, teal and siren rose have always been our favourites. In furniture design, pieces like the Westminster feather and the Den Sofa by Timothy Oulton, both of which are comfy and slouchy, will be trending.

The Timothy Oulten gallery in New Delhi featuring The Chesterfield- inspired Westminister sofa; Photograph by Timothy Oulten
The Timothy Oulton gallery in New Delhi; Photograph courtesyTimothy Oulton

How do you see this trend influencing interior spaces?

According to me, warm colours and earthy tones against muted backdrops along with soft furniture will be highlights in interiors. The use of suspended lights, plants and cacti will be prominent. These well-curated areas are bound to give a “more is more”, fuller effect. The idea is to create cozy spaces.

A piece of furniture that best showcases this trend…

Timothy Oulton’s Den Sofa in Velvet Teal perfectly sums up the trend. Its striking choice of colour complemented with its high back structure and feather cushions lend a feeling of intimacy.

How do you see the consumer responding to this trend?

An increasing number of consumers are becoming more experimental. They are opening up to the idea of playing with warm colours and buying furniture that’s full of character.

Since the launch of the Timothy Oulton gallery, which products have appealed to the Indian consumer?

The Nirvana Lounge Sofas have been popular. Even the range of lighting products, which are modern interpretations of vintage British lighting designs, made with aged metal, crystal and glass, have been a big hit in India.

Three tips that consumers must keep in mind while selecting furniture…

Firstly, strike the right balance —curate a look that not only caters to your aesthetic sense but one that is also functional. Avoid trying to match everything. Secondly, avoid clutter and over-crowding. Work with a designer and plan your room’s setting prior to making the purchase. And finally, be open minded. Don’t hold back from doing the different.

According to you, a must have furniture product…

The Shabby Sofa with buttery leather and layers of soft ribs stitched into luxurious hand finished leather.

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