indiadesignid / November 7, 2019

Hegde Residence by FADD Studio exemplifies the artistry of fusion design

FADD Studio‘s distinct experimental spirit has been perfectly illustrated in this 3500 sq ft Bangalore apartment. The Hegde Residence exemplifies the beautiful results that can be achieved when a plethora of unique design styles are artfully combined in a singular space. An amalgamation of neo-classical, contemporary and traditional Indian elements, the home is an absolute visual delight. Scroll down to read the designers’ description of the space.


Contemporary accessories as well as brass and champagne highlights are interspersed throughout. The bar and main door are a champagne hue, complemented by the metal detailing of the coffee table and predominately brass light fixtures. On either side of the main door are two geometric consoles in black and white. A bull’s head is above one console and a mirror over the other. This dramatic entry sets the tone for the rest of the house.

The Hegde Residence is a fusion of three different styles unusually united together to form a hybrid design style. A neo-classical shell in warm wood with moulded cornices meets timeless beige marble flooring. Straight-lined contemporary furniture is used in contrast to the more traditional shell. A beautiful mix of traditional Indian rugs with bold and contemporary Indian art is the icing on the cake. These three ingredients are evident in all rooms.

Vibrant and tropical colours are used fort the common areas of the home to induce drama and energy. The living is a combination of mustard, leaf green and blue while the bedrooms are most soft and muted. The dining room has a classical carved table and the chairs have special upholstery; a fabric depicting an Indian procession in progress. On the dining room wall is a striking collage of old and new images, distinctly framed using curved edge and off-centered vignettes to provide an overall vintage feel.

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