The Earth Home

The Earth Home was conceived from a desire to create joyful living in every way. It was founded by the designer and architect duo, Eena Basur and Adreesh Chakraborty, as they discovered the joy of bespoke living when they designed and crafted each piece for their first home together. Today, eight years and three homes later they have chosen to bring the fun, joy and elegance of bespoke living to you. The Earth Home invites you to design your living - from one signature handcrafted furniture piece to an entire collection, design just one room or build an entire home. Their collection of furniture and home accessories are designed to last for generations, each product is exquisitely handcrafted by skilled artisans to be part of your legacy. At the India Design Week, they will launch their new collection - The Collectors’ Edition. Created in white oak and teak from hand-picked wood, each piece is handcrafted together with fine joinery for a long lasting experience. The wood is nurtured and protected with natural polish, such as, oils, beeswax and shellac. No colour or stainer is used in the polish, highlighting the grains and beauty of the wood.