Sushant School of Design

The collective Sushant Schools are the creative cell of Ansal University. Sushant School of Architecture is nearly 30 years old and has for a long time been rated the number one private School of Architecture in India. Sushant School of Design has been rated with in the top 5 design schools in India. The institute has very close relations with several leading design schools in the UK. This year they have announced the Sushant School of Liberal Arts. SSLA uniquely has a Design Spine calling upon Architecture and Design as well as the Humanities at core Professor Mike Knowles FRSA, Director Sushant School of Design, Director The Creative Hub, Sushant Schools of Design, Director International Relations, Ansal University. The Sushant Schools : Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch), Bachelor of Design (B.Des), Master of Design (M.Des), Bachelor in Liberal Arts (B.Arts), Masters in Architecture: Urban Design (M.Arch Urban Design), Masters in Architecture: Built Heritage (MABH), Masters in Architecture: Landscape Architecture (M.Arch), Masters in Architecture: Interior Architecture (M.Arch) and Masters in Planning (M.Plan). The Creative Hub is a one stop shop for young people to get the best counselling needed for their soon to be exciting futures with Professor Mike Knowles.