Royale Play by Asian Paints - International Designer Collection

The Royale Play International Designer Collection is a range of designer finishes that reflects the classic as well as the latest and cutting edge trends in decor from across the globe. With an aim to unleash the range’s true potential through the vision of an artist, it is available exclusively to architects and interior designers. Archi Ferro, Metallico Verdi and Stellato feature iron, brocade fabric and clay and lime respectively, while Orolino is inspired from Japanese art, Kitnsugi. Also to be presented at India Design ID 2017, is Asian Paints Woodtech Emporio PU, imported from Italy. The International Designer Collection 2017 has been inspired from natural elements and fusion of art with textures. The beauty of iron never fails. The industrial staple now takes the shape of walls – Royale Play’s Archi Ferro. Time travel back to a long-gone era with this texture and take in its rustic and unfinished beauty. See brocade fabric designs run from wall to floor in the body of an alluring texture. More than often, artists leave their pieces of work for some time by itself until they resume working on it. This little window of time will evoke a sense of incompletion, whose beauty served as inspiration for Royale Play’s Metallico Verdi. Stellato by Royale Play will put you right under the stars. A new material which combines clay & lime will bring back the art of imperfection in today’s age. Royale Play Orolino, inspired from Japanese art – Kintsugi, will break the wall in multiple pieces and join it back using gold.