Roca is a world leader in the bathroom space business and a point of reference in design, technology and sustainable development. With its products, the company shapes lifestyles across the world and in different societies. In 1964, company instated Roca Design Centre, a unit that specialises in design and development of new products. Over the years, Roca has collaborated with many multi- disciplinary designers from across the globe and constantly given the consumers novel bathroom space solutions, keeping in mind the customer’s needs and space. The brand has come up with designs that not only cater to the present needs but also the future demands. Some prominent designers associated with the brand include David Chipperfield, Antonio Bullo, Carles Ferrater, Giorgetto Guigiaro, Javier Mariscal, Toni Clariana, Ramon Benedito, Schmidt & Lackners. The brand offers multiple bathroom products where innovation has combined with sustainability to reduce water consumption, increase hygiene, offer better comfort and convenience, with zero compromise on durability of the product. Few of these technologies and products are smart toilets, adjustable dual flush WCs, electronic faucets and waterless urinals. In 2007, Roca was launched in India after consolidating its position in the country by joining hands with Parryware. Present in over 170 countries with 78 production plant spread across five continents and with a legacy of 100 years, Roca is the ultimate worldwide benchmark in the creation of bathroom products.