Preciosa Lighting

Preciosa Lighting is one of the world’s leading manufacturing and innovative companies offering complex lighting design solutions for luxury interiors worldwide. Based in the heart of Europe – Crystal Valley, the company has preserved the tradition of glassmaking since 1724. Combination of the highest standards of craftsmanship and unique technical know-how altogether with the possibility to produce the chandeliers entirely in-house strengthen its position among world leading producers of luxury lightings. Directly linked to its tradition Preciosa Lighting continues to produce classic chandeliers that can be found all over the globe, in Versailles, St. Petersburg, London, Dubai, Macao and New York, in both public and private palaces and residences. Their products represent a portfolio offering the selection of elegant installations, varied clusters of pieces, exquisite solitaire chandeliers and architectural lighting solutions. Each of the lightings is an original and combines the traditions handed down in the families of glass master craftsmen in the Crystal Valley with elements of modern design.