Ora Mosaic

Ora Mosaic manufactures high-end contemporary mosaic for wall and floor coverings. Ora range of handmade glass mosaics allows the designers an unbelievable, first of its kind palette of colours and textures to create stunning visual effects which covers most of the architectural needs. Keeping the traditional culture of Italy and equipped with new technology, offers the luxurious range of more than 100 colorful types of mosaic tiles in various projects. The true bliss of luxury is felt in the walls, interiors and exteriors designed by the experienced & skilled team of workers. Ora provides 100% hand work done by the workers in Ravenna with hand tools to give the old traditional look in a revolutionary way converging with the modern lifestyle. They provide the erratic range of 24 carat gold tiles also used in the hand art work. The premium range of mosaic is all platinum coated giving a pearl finish to the glass. Ora provide more than 11 types of decadent design series of the glass mosaics. In designing techniques they have introduced computerised design of arts by simultaneously preserving the mosaic culture of Rome by using the hand work as our core cutting edge for preparation of designs on mesh grids.