Marmo Home – Intersekt

From the house of Marmo Home, Intersekt is the company’s retail venture for the home decor segment. With cross-generational experience in the industry, Intersekt delivers exactly what its name promises - an intersection of Thought, Opinion and Design. Intersekt was born out of Marmo Home, one of India’s leading distributors of international tiles. Over the years, Marmo Home has procured and supplied high-quality products and unique designs to the industry. Armed with decades’ worth of experience in the field and an unmatched array of designs, Intersekt is a one-stop shop for customers looking for the perfect decor elements for their new home including floor and wall coverings as well as bathroom and wellness products. Intersekt has been created to expand brand reach, tailoring the company’s perspective and leveraging the best of Marmo Home to help create dream homes. Intersekt is a dynamic home décor boutique that delivers a superior and cost-effective service, offering high-quality premium products including floor & wall coverings and bathroom & wellness products.