The journey of Knock On Wood, a renowned product and furniture design studio, started with a deep desire of expression; expression of self, expression of the craft, and expression of the inherent nature of the elements available to work with. Based out of New Delhi and Chandigarh, with a focus on customized and bespoke hardwood furniture, Knock on Wood (KNW) voices stories through its designs. Located in a manufacturing premise of approximately 10,000 sq ft, and a modest studio, an investment of a little under one million dollars in equipment alone, KNW is a brand that has built itself from a legacy of over a decade from its home brand, House of Design. Comprising of a qualified design team of 12 people engaged in customer interface and design, the team is led by Aarti Agarwal, a renowned furniture and chair designer. Working for the families of those amongst the largest in South Asia, KNW has been privileged to partner with well-known fashion and lifestyle designers in India for their furniture lines. KNW is a subsidiary of India’s largest mobility solutions creator - JCBL GROUP, which is a conglomerate with diversified interests in the automobile and pharmaceutical domains.