Kanika Bawa Design

Kanika Bawa is a multifaceted global designer and artist based out of India. She has been a part of the contemporary design industry for over 19 years. Her expertise lies in the fields of design + build-in art installations varying from interiors, product design, industrial and installation design, styling plus window displays, exhibition design, forecaster, writer and lecturer. Total creative design solutions are her forte, be it befitting styles, avant-garde design, a retro palette or even a classical one. Over the years she has designed and built homescapes, commercial scapes and have partaken in design exhibitions. Recently for one of India’s most prestigious expositions, "Make in India” a venture of our Prime Minister, she created three art installations, out of which two have been determined as world records for 2017. One of her installations included an entirely handmade Kohlapuri sandal which has been characterised as the biggest in the world. She is passionate about Indian art and handicrafts and she considers a key challenge for her to strive towards the revival of the essence of these dying arts.