The realisation that every idea starts with a problem struck us in the year 2013, when the brand Ivanka Lumiere first ventured into the lighting industry. Saurabh Mittal, the founder of the brand, wanted to light up his newly constructed farm house, and was disappointed to find only crystal and opulent chandeliers. This is when he became aware of the untapped market for rustic lighting in India. This epiphany led to Saurabh to found Ivanka Lumiere in 2015. It was the culmination of his family’s 40 year old relationship with the electrical industry. For the first project the label took on, they constructed their own take on chandeliers, pendants and wall lights by experimenting with reclaimed wood and metal pots. To this day, their handiwork is the primary conversation starter amongst their patrons. And thus, Ivanka Lumiere was established as a brand that aimed to be a niche source of rustic lighting. Ivanka Lumiere stands out as a lighting studio that loves to curate, collaborate and create beautiful living spaces. After a thorough hunt for affordable and aesthetically valuable lighting, they figured that the existing market offered flamboyant and expensive options, which weren’t quite compatible with the personality of the consumers. The obvious next step was to fill the void by creating a range of exquisite lights that were a break from the norms of style and design. Initially they started with an industrial collection, comprising of ubiquitous materials like wood, rope, stone and glass. One of the top selling styles in this genre was the rope pendant lights and water pipe fixtures. These were perfectly complimented with stylised edison bulbs. They then progressed to a more minimal and cleaner aesthetic by introducing their Scandinavian collection.