Italian Trade Agency

Italian Trade Agency is the government organisation which promotes the internationalisation of the Italian companies, in line with the strategies of the Ministry for Economic Development and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. ICE provides information, support and advice to Italian and foreign companies. In addition to its Rome headquarters, ICE operates worldwide from a large network of Trade Promotion Offices linked to Italian embassies and consulates and working closely with local authorities and businesses. The principal function of their offices is to foster bilateral trade relations by providing Indian entrepreneurs and companies with information on Italian products, companies and market updates. They also provide assistance in establishing contacts with Italian companies by participating in exhibitions, promoting Italian products, organising training courses, technological conferences, workshops, seminars, arranging
media-advertising campaigns etc. In addition, they organise a variety of industry-specific promotional events such as trade missions of Indian businessmen to Italy visiting major exhibitions, bringing delegations of Italian businessmen in India and arranging bilateral meetings for mutual benefits. The Italian Trade Agency in India was established in 1969 and they are present with two offices in New Delhi and Mumbai.